Snap shot of Vietnam

My friend told me she applied visa on arrival with Eviva Tour Vietnam and was very happy with their service. I followed her advice to get visa via this company. With their sales team, getting Vietnam visa is very easy and fast. Besides, their website is very informative; therefore, I referred some of their tour information to make a Vietnam tour by myself.
I arrived Sai Gon and was shocked with the traffic here. This is the first time I have ever seen so much traffic and so many bikes. Traffic lights were also seemingly non-existent. Crossing the road was so scary but also a special experience for me. It’s likely I’m carrying my life in my hands and legs. Luckily, I come back in “one piece”.

However, the food of this city makes me fall in love with it. I loved Ben Thanh Market for its food stalls and pretty kitchenware. Quan An Ngon was highly recommended for its variety of Vietnamese dishes. Hoa Tuc was a lovely Westernized restaurant and I would have loved to attend a cooking class if I have enough time.

Additionally, I managed to fit in culture visiting the War Remnants museum and took a walk around the old town. I then trekked out to the Cu Chi tunnels on the local buses. After around 3 hours, I finally arrived and spent the afternoon watching videos, crawling through the unbelievably small tunnels.

Hoi An is a peaceful town where beach resorts line the coast and I can cross a road without any fear at all If you come here, book a beach yoga session if that’s up your alley and then visit the Ancient Town, an well-preserved area with bright yellow walls, joyous lanterns, lots of tailors, and delicious food choices. Banh Mi Phuong is a good bread that was filling with meat, some salad vegetables. Walking along the river till dark, breath the fresh air and offer 1 USD to the elderly lady selling candle-lit paper lanterns, releasing into the river and watch it join its other lantern friends – it was a feeling of serenity and appreciation. I loved this vibrant little town!

I arrived the capital of Vietnam in a cold morning. I could not wait to try Pho for my first lunch in Ha Noi. And it is the best dish I have ever had so far.
I am writing this whilst sitting in a quiet car, going to the airport to come back home. This is a wonderful trip with unforgettable memories about a country with friendly and enthusiastic people.

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A great trip depends on many factors. Perfect destinations with special things and good quality of service will make your trip become amazing. But if you want your trip to become perfect, carefully prepare anything required. Here is a check list of things you should bring when you leave your home and head to Vietnam.
A. 3 months before you go.
1. Check your passport to ensure that it is valid with at least 6 months prior to the date you will arrive in Vietnam.
2. Check you are in good health for travel, there is no requirement on health when travelling in Vietnam.
3. Follow and search all Vietnam Travel information including visa requirement, destinations, food, hotel, etc. on Facebook, Twitter or websites like evivatour.com.
B. 1 month before you go.
1. Prepare necessary travel insurance, book Vietnam visa on arrival. There are several companies providing Vietnam visa service with good quality such as Eviva Tour.
2. Scan all your important documents and identification and email it to yourself and a friend at home.
3. Begin learning a few Vietnamese greetings.
3 basic words: “Hello” – “Xin chao”; “Good bye” – “Tam biet”; “Thank you” – “Cam on” .
4. Start practicing using chopsticks.
5. Have your phone unlocked if you are planning to use your phone in Vietnam especially if you use Iphone, Android phones.
C. 1 week before you go.
1. Get a few passport pictures for your Vietnam visa and or you also plan to travel Lao, Cambodia.
2. Collect and record any important, emergency phone numbers .
3. Bring your lightweight, quick-dry clothing on summer, your warmer comfy clothes on winter months, as well as your sun hat, swimsuit.
4. Bring flashlight, alarm clock, sunglasses, insect repellent.
5. Prepare any medications, toiletries.
6. Change money in US dollars (crisp $100 bills is best) .
7. Prepare your raincoat.
8. Prepare footwear: sandals, hiking shoes, walking shoes, etc. .
9. Double check your camera and photography equipment.
D. 1 day before you go.
1. Reconfirm your flight.
2. Try to get some sleep,because the excitement is building and you will have a long flight.
3. Say your farewells.
4. Zip up that suitcase and head to Vietnam.
Good luck!

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Prior to the trip to Vietnam, many people may feel reluctant to go because of worrying about language barriers, tourist traps and culture differences. As a tourist, you will always be vulnerable to certain things; however, with a sensible planning and taking extra precautions of your surroundings, you can have a smooth trouble-free trip.
When to go
Holiday to Vietnam is possible all year around. It always has some part of the country with nice weather for you to explore. However, keep in mind that the seasons vary across the country. The Northern part of Vietnam (e.g. Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa) has 4 seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter, while the South has only 2 seasons – dry or rainy. The further to the south, the hotter and more humid the weather is. Temperatures in mountainous areas in the North can get below 10 Celsius degree in winter while the average temperature in the South is about 24- 31 Celsius degree year around. For countrywide exploration, the best times are probably March to early July. Storms and downpours normally happen in the end of July and August. Anyway, you should also be prepared to encounter some rain whenever you decide to travel.
What to bring
– Bring specialized medicine for your need. Although regular medicines such as vitamins, sunscreen, insect repellent, diarrhea medication, or aspirin are widely available in every drugstore, some specific medicines can be hard to find in Vietnam and the price of them might be third or fourth time more expensive than in your home country. There is no free medical treatment available in Vietnam and the standard of local health facilities is below international standards.
– You can buy clothing and shoes there. However, Vietnamese are Asian, so their clothes are often in small size. Good news is that you can buy European size in shops with sign “Viet Nam Xuat Khau” – shops selling exported clothes.
– The country’s total length is about over 2500 km stretching from north to south. Therefore Vietnam is characterized with both a tropical and a temperate climate. Remember to bring a hat, sunglasses with UV protection and be prepared for adverse weather conditions.
– Electrical plug in Vietnam are mostly 220V with 2 holes, so a kit of adapter plugs is recommended.
How to transport
– The roads are chaos: With thousands of motorbikes carrying families, fridges, and even pigs. Be brave, keep looking to the left and right and walk slowly when crossing the road as motorbikes find their way around you and quite frequently run along the roads the wrong way.
– For manys, motorcycle taxis are the only way to truly discover the crowded streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. However, considering the traffic chaos in these cities, bike-riding is only suitable for strong-hearted travelers, otherwise, you had better choose taxi as the safer option.
– Stay away from random taxis, motorbike taxis and cyclos. For motorbike taxi and cyclo, it is best to agree on the price of the ride (with the suggestion of local people) before hopping on it as the price is likely much higher once you decide to go without knowing it. For taxi, scams may happen when drivers try to drive the longer way to the destination or taxi meters are set to run extremely fast. Some recommended taxi company is Taxi CP – Tel: (04) 3826 26 26 or Mai Linh – Tel: (04) 38 222 666.
– Finding tickets for flights/ trains in Vietnam during public holidays, especially Christmas and Lunar New Year are hard and expensive. If you will be in Vietnam during these times, make reservations well in advance. The chaos often begins a week before Lunar New Year and can last for about two weeks after it.
What to do
Prior to your journey, research destinations a little first on the Internet. A good resource is tripadvisor (tripadvisor.com), lonelyplanet (lonelyplanet.com) where tourists share their travel experiences in Vietnam. This way you can have some ideas of itinerary and places of interest. If you have trouble in planning a suitable trip for the length of your stay, the best way is contact with recognized, reputable tour operators in Vietnam such as Eviva Tour which offer many innovative trip styles which range from sight-seeing to free exploration or even staying with locals.
How to behave
– The Vietnamese will highly appreciate if they see you respect their customs. When you visit pagodas, temples or spiritual places, you should dress smartly. Never wear shorts, mini shirts, tank tops, bare shoulders or flip-flops as this is considered to be extremely offensive. Sometimes, shoes needed to be left outdoor. If unsure, just follow what the locals do.
– Instead of offering money directly to beggars, offer a small useful gift, such as food or clothes, otherwise the rumor will spread round and many of them will try to approach you.
– Be aware of your surroundings. Always keep an eye to your cash, credit cards, and passport. Do not wear valuable jewellery and do not show off your expensive high-tech devices. You might be the target of pickpocket or scam.

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Gorgeous Sapa Vietnam

On my stopover way of traveling, there are places whose bewitching charm makes me regret when left by the bewitching charm of it. Sapa is a place like that.
Sapa was the second destination of Vietnam after Ha Long Bay during my trip 2 years ago with my Vietnamese friend who was working in a travel agency named Eviva Tour. She has much experience on tour and hence, I had a terrific trip and was totally attracted by Sapa natural beauty.
I visited Sapa in the autumn of September and saw such marvelous rice paddies, yellow terrace fields, which have become a hot theme for photographers. Could not use any word to describe the beauty and how I felt at that time; just spoke “WOWW…” It is totally deserved in the list of top 7 most magnificent terraced fields in the world.
In my memory, Sapa contained many hidden wonders of nature, natural landscape with mountain terrain of hills, green trees, creating a picture of a harmonious layout, with poetic scenery and attractive landscape such as Ham Rong Mountain, Silver Waterfall, Rattan Bridge, Bamboo Forest and Ta Phin Cave, etc.
A special thing in Sapa culture is the love market in every Saturday evening. This place is a matchmaker for many couples after the umbrella dance and pan-pipe performance. The visitors can join and discover the local culture.
My travel plan in next year will visit here again, but in spring to observe the romantic landscape with blooming colorful flowers. I strongly believe that I will have another memorable trip with support from my Vietnamese friend and her colleague of Eviva Tour.

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As a young person I love exploring new areas, new culture and travel helps me accomplish that desire. I have traveled a lot, especially in Asia, but the city impressed me the most was Saigon. I also love Hanoi and other places in Vietnam but Saigon was the city attracted me the most. Saigon is the center of economy, tourism, culture of Vietnam like Hanoi, but this city is even more vibrant, dynamic and exciting, those things really attracts young people like me.

I started my journey from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay and Da Nang. After nearly 2 hours on the plane, I arrived Saigon from Da Nang. When I arrived the airport I felt a great energy from this city.

Before coming to Saigon I had been told about the development and dynamism of this city, but I was still quite surprised by the development of this city. Saigon is not developed and modern as other cities I’ve ever been to, but it still gave me great emotions.

The weather here was quite hot, sometimes rainy, but that did not decrease my interest to explore this city. I’m the type who likes to communicate and make friends and I always try to make friends with people wherever I travel to. When talking to people in Saigon, I found out that they have hospitality, friendliness, and always open. This made me feel very comfortable and happy.

I love discovering cuisine and delicious food around the world and in Saigon also. That is thing I cannot ignore. Dishes here are rich, diverse and especially good for health. Those who pushed cart on the streets selling street foods which were very tasty attracted me a lot and made me feel very excited. Foods in Saigon quite spicy and sweet, but they were still very tasty.

Everyone who has been to this city has to agree that this is a very vibrant and active city. The reasons are first people here always races against time, never let them self-relaxed. Streets are always crowded, bustling but not losing organization. The restaurants, entertainment centrals, public events taking place all day, even at night. Sources of energy from this city seem to never run out. For me and many other travelers, this is wonderful.

Saigon is where I made many friends from different countries. In Saigon, there is one street just for foreigner. It is home for so many entertainment activities. That was a great place to make friends and interact with people from different countries.

In Saigon, there are many hotels with many levels of standard from moderate to luxury; there are many domestic flights and many international flights from Tan Son Nhat International Airport. All things were even easier with good quality of service which I have received from Eviva Tour Vietnam. I had the memorable day in Vietnam with the help of this company.

I still have a lot of things that I want to talk about Saigon but it gonna be great if you travel to that city to have such a great experience that I had.

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Ho Chi Minh City, also called Saigon is one of my favourite cities in Vietnam. This is an amazing city of which everything belongs to, from people; traffic and lifestyle, etc. are all full of energy and vitality. Thanks to the support of Eviva Tour, I have had a nice trip and discovered the hidden beauty of the city.

The beauty of Ho Chi Minh City is the mixture of French colonial architecture and wide boulevards with the charming of ancient Buddhist temples and pagodas. The contrast between the old and the new can be easily realized. There are many high modern buildings but there are also many places and buildings from earlier eras that are well preserved and worth visiting which bring us the feeling like Vietnam War was just yesterday. It will be an interesting experience for foreigners to visit War Remnants Museum to see the Vietnamese war through Vietnamese eyes and to discover the impressive beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral- an outstanding red-brick building adorned with stained glass.

The number one choice at noon is sitting in a coffee shop in District 1, witnessing the traffic and people passing by during the rush hour. Endless masses of motorbikes, bicycles and cars make their way through the streets like an ant-farm. The most random thing about Ho Chi Minh City is women wearing winter coat in the summer while out and about, some even wear a pair of colourful stock with flip flop in order to avoid the sunlight at noon. It is also very weird and funny to see young girls wearing pyjamas with heels to go shopping at markets. Street vendors are everywhere selling everything you can eat. Discover Ho Chi Minh City through its cuisine will give you an insight opinion of the life here. Aside from eating, visitors can find a lot of cheap stuffs in discount malls like Ben Thanh market where selling everything from clothing to souvenirs, fresh food items such as fish, vegetables, fruits to seasonal flowers.

For sight-seeing, it is good ideas to check out the Suoi Tien Amusement Park or government buildings such as the Saigon Central Post office – a French colonial building with a classic interior, Reunification Palace – was the home of the former Viet Cong leader, the Ho Chi Minh Museum, Saigon Opera House – where performing both Western operas and traditional Vietnamese performances and much more!

Depending on what you want out of your stay, Saigon has everything to offer including an amazing nightlife with karaoke bars and dance clubs. Ho Chi Minh City has numerous trendy bars that are a favourite of both locals and foreigners. The Q Bar, Xu Bar and Velvet are a few in the long list of popular hangout spots for the party crowd, each with their own distinct trendiness and appeal.

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In 2010, my life passed with many shocks. It seemed that I could not overcome, but my friends suggested me to go travel to somewhere far away from home. After many times of finding out a suitable place to relax, I decided to go to Da Lat, Vietnam.

Even it was completely a new place to me; I received many advices from professional tour operators in Vietnam, like Eviva Tour Vietnam, Saigontourist, Exotissimo, Dan Viet Travel, etc. Among these advices, I found that Eviva Tour Vietnam understands my feeling the most to help me get away from shocks in my daily life by an enjoyable and memorable tour. Now see what I got after the trip in Da Lat, my dear friends.
This city was really beautiful with the streets carpeted with flowers, the curved roads and European style scattered houses. It made me feel different from my real life as if it covered on me new clothes. I love the way of cycling along its little streets and watching their peaceful life.
In Da Lat, there were many attraction places I went to and among them I gained most of my impression on Lang Biang peak which is located in Lat, Lat Duong Dist, about 30km from Dalat to the North. Travelling to the peak by a jeep to view clouds and Da lat’s scenery was truly memorable. I felt that I was too small in the nature and I was hugging by clouds to erase all my sorrows.

Also the people here were very friendly and gentle. They always welcomed me by a warm smile; even they cannot speak much my language, I found not only much sympathy from them but also the motivation from them. It might be said that both nature and people in Da Lat helped me overcome all trouble and I became more powerful to come back with my routines.

I really want to get back to Da Lat with my new feeling of joy, not sadness as before. And of course, this time, I will share much more experience to all of you.

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