Amidst a myriad of fine nail salons and spas including nail services in Hanoi, choosing a suitable one can be a tough decision. Spend a few minutes to check out the list of some prominent nail rooms below to exactly know where to go to have a soothing manicure/pedicure experience.

1. Lemongrass Hanoi Spa & Nails

The latest addition to Hanoi’s nail care spectacle is the highly recommended one! The nail room is located on Au Trieu Street, just in the back of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, and offers tranquility beyond the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. The spa uses unique CND products that suit even babies and pregnant women.

The price is also affordable in comparison with the value it brings: basic manicure/pedicure (using 8 step treatments) is only 100.000 VND (about 4.5$) with colors in addition. Besides nail service, the nail room has foot massage, body massage, and skincare. The place itself is definitely a lovely place to see.

  • Address: 3 Au Trieu, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
  • Website: lemongrasshanoispa.com

2. Garden Nails

Being one of the most luxurious all in one nail shops in Hanoi, Garden Nail Salon and Spa is dominated by its nail care and other spa services. For gel manicure/pedicure, which costs 10$, the spa only works with non-toxic gels imported from the USA. Meanwhile, you can get a perfect nail shape and colorful artwork applied to your nail art for 20$. It is noticeable that the spa also provides additional services such as professional waxing, arm massage, foot massage as well as classic eye extension for 10 – 20$.

Garden Nails Hanoi

  • Address: 50 Dao Duy Tu, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

3. Orient Central Spa

If you are into intricate nail art, then look no further than Orient Central Spa, a daytime nail & spa boutique. This day spa and nails boutique place is loved by many travelers for its indulgent, blissfully affordable manicure and pedicure treatments.

Orient Central Spa in Hanoi

Relax in a soothing environment while the professional staff gently pushes your cuticles and polish your nails. Gel manicure/ pedicure service (220,000 VND) is a good choice for beautiful, long-lasting manis. Meanwhile, for a long, spiky and mega-detailed nail, pick OPI coloring service which costs only 150,000 VND for basic manicure/ pedicure with color of your choice.

4. LaLa Nail Studio

LaLa Nail Studio is the best destination for nail art that fascinates all first-time customers. Nail shop provides a relaxing manicure/pedicure service by using CND’s top brand products. After taking care of cuticles and nail repair, your nails are painted with special CND Creative Play polish (for the 1-week duration), CND Vinvlux (for more than 1-week duration), or CND Shellac (for 2 weeks duration). Also, LaLa Nail Studio offers other skincare services such as exfoliant (scrub) & waxing (for 200.000 VND), calluses treatment using CND Heel Therapy Callus Sm (250.000 VND), foot massage using CND Spapedicure Marine (300.000 VND).

LaLa Nail Studio in Hanoi

  • Address: 2nd floor, 212B Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
  • Website: facebook.com/LALANailStudio/

5. The Bamboo

​​Practically, every manicure and pedicure imaginable is available at this foreigner-friendly nail salon and spa. From classic manicure/ pedicure to color change and take off with gel, this place has it all. Gelish manicure including cuticle care, nail repair and painting costs you from only 120,000 VND while the deluxe manicure in 75 minutes is priced reasonably at 390,000 VND. Once, you’ve done with your treatment, look further for one-of-a-kind enhancements such as glitter, nail art stamp, fake nail and nail stone.

  • Address: 23 Hang Non, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
  • Website: bamboohanoi.com

The weather in Nha Trang is usually warm and humid in the first eight months of the year. Located on the southern coast of Vietnam, Nha Trang – the capital of Khanh Hoa is well-known as a wonderful place for sunbathing and water activities. It has 6km of sandy beach with clear water, surrounded by quiet islands.

There are two main distinct seasons, including monsoon from September to December and dry seasons from January to August. The moderate temperature is truly ideal for travelling. The average lowest temperature is 18° C and the highest is 30° C.

Summer usually starts from early May to early August. The weather here is warm with little rainfall, an ideal condition for relaxing on the beach, long trekking, and some water activities. Meanwhile, July and August are estimated as the hottest months here. You should make a good plan for your holiday before the end of June if you do not wish to experience the scorching heat of this place.

One ideal place for visiting if you spend your trip in summer, Hon Ba Nature Reserve, is within 2 hours from Nha Trang city. It has a mountain at a height of 1,578m above the sea. The main reason for a cool climate around the year, making it a perfect destination for hiding from the summer heat.

The best time to visit Nha Trang

The best time to travel to Nha Trang is between February and May with the average the temperature of 26 – 27° C. If you are a diving enthusiast, you can come to Nha Trang in its peak dive season which lasts from January to October. Also it is said that the best time for enjoying clear water coral-rich dive sites is from April to August, when rainfall is at its lowest level.

Rainy Season in Nha Trang

The annual monsoon period is between September and December, when a heavy rainfall can lead to rather violent thunderstorms and typhoons. At this time price on accommodation is much lower. Keep in mind, if you’re traveling to Nha Trang during this time of the year, be aware of the higher possibility of rain.

If you are Singaporeans or foreigners living in Singapore, you would not miss the chance to visit Vietnam. There are at least 5 main reasons,

  1. There are many direct flights every day from Singapore to all of the big cities in Vietnam.
  2. The flight time of only 1.5 – 3 hours properly matches with family tourism or relaxing weekends.
  3. Transport costs are reasonable in general and even a 3-day traveling trip can be less costly than the food and beverage experience in your hometown.
  4. Vietnam has green mountains and blue oceans and even more (as Ha Long Bay) will bring to you a fantastic holiday.
  5. The luxurious resorts and the wonderful king of food will be waiting for you if you need a little breeze for your routine.

How to travel to Vietnam?

Singapore and Vietnam are greatly connected by a lot of airlines:

  • Singapore Airlines to both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city
  • Vietnam Airlines to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc
  • Tiger Air provides big promotions of airfares from $ 89 for one return ticket.

How to know the length of a Vietnam trip is acceptable?

We recommend that you need at least 1 month to explore this country. You should divide your journey into smaller trips because the distance between Vietnam and Singapore is quite short.
For beginners visiting Vietnam for the first time, these guides below might be useful

Hanoi – Halong Bay 4D3N:

Visit the capital and spend 3 days and 2 nights to make an excursion on Halong Bay with crystal-clear water. Imagine waking up in the middle of caves and jungle, you will feel overwhelming by the beauty of this World heritage site.

Hanoi – Sapa 3D4N

Sapa is an ideal destination for the weekend holiday. You can catch a flight to Hanoi in the afternoon, then take a night train to Sapa and stay there for 2 days before returning to Hanoi by the night train to prepare for the flight the next morning.

Types of traveling: Funicular, trekking on the mountain, tribal hills, and colonial architecture…

Danang – Hoian 4D3N

About half an hour from Hoian, Ancient town Danang is well-known for magnificent beaches creating the perfect combination of relaxing and exploring the local culture.
Types of traveling: beaches, relaxing, ancient city, culture.

Ho Chi Minh – Mekong River Delta 4D3N

Ho Chi Minh city is about 1,5 hours from Singapore and the same weather does not make you feel shocked. It takes about 3-4 hours to drive from Mekong River Delta to floating markets and boats transporting coconuts that you have never seen in Singapore city.

Types of traveling: local life, shopping, floating markets.

Visa and immigration:

Citizens Singapore (having valid passport) are exempted for a stay of maximum 1 month in Vietnam. Other nationalities can easily apply for a visa at the Vietnam embassy in Singapore or apply for a visa on arrival or e-visa.

Vietnam embassy in Singapore

  • Address: Leedon Park St., SINGAPORE 267887
  • Telephone number: 64625938 (Protocols and administration)/ 64625994 (Consulate)
  • Fax: 64689863 (Protocols and administration)/ 64625936 (Consulate)
  • Website: www.vietnameprisy-singapore.org

Vietnam has majestic and poetic landscapes from the high. That is the reason why Vietnam owns many cable railways from North to South serving travelers to reach the top of famous mountains such as Fansipan, Ba Na Hill, Ba Den, and Hon Thom to admire the picturesque scenes.

Sitting on the cable car, you can observe the breath-taking view of mountains and oceans, also take a lot of stunning pictures.

Fansipan Cable Car (Lao Cai province)

Long coined as “Roof of Indochina,” Fansipan is at a height of 3,143m above sea level. Throughout the trip, you will contemplate the beauty of the Muong Hoa Valley and other extraordinary natural views. The round-trip ticket is about 550,000 to 750,000VND (children with a height below 1m are free of charge).

Fansipan Cable Car

To reach the Cable Car station from Sapa center, you can take the Muong Hoa train, which costs 100,000VND/ride. Sitting in the cable car in the early morning, you will admire the dense mist and a cloudy sky that is stunning.

Besides, after the end of the Cable Car trip, you have to climb more than 600 stairs to reach the top of Fansipan.

Ba Na Hills Cable Car (Da Nang city)

Ba Na Hills is one of the most famous and attractive destination in Danang. To get there, take the Cable car with a length of over 5km, which can carry about 30-35 passengers/cabin. The round-trip will cost around 350,000 – 750,000VND. Also, children below 1m high are free of charge.

Ba Na Hills Cable Car

The Cable Car route will carry you to cross over primitive forests and poetic streams. Keep in mind that the station has many different paths, you should research the routes in advance to avoid the wrong point of the up and down ways.

Ba Den Cable Car (Tay Ninh province)

Ba Den Mountain is the highest mountain in the Southeast region, which is not too far from Ho Chi Minh city. It is the ideal place for those who love trakking. In case you have not much time, you can reach the top by Cable Car, which contains two routes to Van Son station and Ba Den pagoda and cost around 100,000 – 400,000VND for a round-trip.

Ba Den Cable Car

Through the transparent glass of the Cable car, you can admire Ba Den mountain, which is at a height of near 1,000m above sea level, and peaceful green fields far away.

Hon Thom Cable Car (Kien Giang Province)

Hon Thom Cable Car is invested to build in An Thoi archipelago, Southern of Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, which has a length of 7,9 km and can carry a maximum of 30 passengers. Departing from An Thoi Station, a Cable car will take you to cross over Hon Dua Island and stop at Hon Thom Island. Traveling on the Hon Thom Cable Car, you can enjoy not only massive forests but also fully appreciate the paradise-like beauty of tropical gem island.

Hon Thom Cable Car

Moreover, Hon Thom Cable Car is known as the title of “The world’s longest 3-wire sea cable car” by Guinness World Records. An Thoi Station is like a Colosseum where you can take some great photos.

The ticket price is about 200,000 – 400,000VND/ person for a two-way route.

(Source: https://zingnews.vn/)

What is your travel plan in Vietnam? Is it a long journey from North to South to explore the charm of nature, cultures, histories, as well as the life of Vietnamese people?

Vietnam has more than 3000 km of coastline, tropical lowlands, hills, and densely forested. Therefore, this S-shaped country has a wide range of choices for you. You can pick whatever you one, no matter what your travel interests, physical conditions and budget are. We hope that, with suggestions below, you will have a chance to discover the spectacular beauty of Vietnam, from the Mekong Delta, to famous cities such as Da Lat, Nha Trang, Hue, and Hanoi.

Throughout your trip 15 days in Vietnam, we highly recommend you spend a night in each city to chillax and experience the way of living in each region. Please do not forget checking the visa requirement based on your nationality and travel duration to ensure you have a smooth trip.

The first four days: Hanoi – Ninh Binh – Thanh Hoa – Vinh

Coming to Hanoi, you should stroll around iconic attractions such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, One Pillar Pagoda, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Stilt House, and Hanoi Old Quarter. Besides, the true essence of Hanoi is reflected well in its cuisines. Try to taste the signature food as Pho (noodle soup with beef), West Lake Shrimp cake, Ngu Xa Spring rolls, La Vong Grilled fish, Thanh Tri stuffed pancake.

After the Hanoi trip, you can visit some popular destinations in Ninh Binh, including Tam Coc – Bich Dong wish sheer mountains on paddy fields, Bai Dinh Temple – a complex of Buddhist temples holding many records of Asia, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital – the place for the King, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex – An UNESCO Heritage. This place is also known for its signature cuisines (e.g. underdone goat, Yen Mac pork, Tube wine of Nho Quan, and Lai Thanh).

Trang An, Ninh Binh

Trang An, Ninh Binh

Coming up next is Thanh Hoa – Vinh, the home to talented people, famous delicacy – Nem Chua (Vietnamese fermented pork roll), and many magnificent beaches, including Sam Son and Hai Hoa. Besides enjoying signature dishes such as Eel Rice gruel, sesame rice crackers, and oranges, there are some lovely spots in Vinh city recommended for you: Lam River, Phao Bridge, Ben Thuy Bridge.

Day 5 – 7: Quang Binh – Hue – Da Nang

People remember Hue for its ancient capital with golden palaces, classical temples, grave tombs, old places of worship, a complex of folk Imperial City and mausoleum’s architecture. Yet they are just one of many reasons to visit this lovely, peaceful city.

Morning on Da Nang beach

Morning on Da Nang beach. Photo: Da Nang FantasiCity

From Hue, you will have a 4 hour drive to Dong Hoi city (Quang Binh province). Here it has sun-drenched beaches stretching for over 10km, many historical sites such as Tam Toa Church, Nhat Le beach, Quang Binh Quan, Dong Hoi Citadel. What you should not miss is Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and the world’s largest natural cave – Son Doong.

Following the day trip in Quang Binh, Da Nang is the next destination.

Day 8 – 10: Da Nang – Quang Ngai – Quy Nhon

Let’s go to beach cities where Quy Nhon and Da Nang are the most outstanding ones.

Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh Travel Guide

Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

Nominated as the most peaceful city in Vietnam, Da Nang has long been famous for its beauty spots, friendly people. Coming to Da Nang, you will admire the majestic Han River view, Thuan Phuoc, Rong, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, white sandy beaches as well as experience the heaven for foodies.

Located in the South Central Coast area, Quang Ngai province is an ideal destination for couples and families with wild landscapes that make you feel like you are immersed in romantic nature.

Beaches with pristine waters, long white sandy patches, cliffs… all these are tourist attractions in Quy Nhon. Traveling to Quy Nhon city, you should visit places like Twin Cham Tower – one of the artistic Old Cham people heritages, Thi Nai Bridge – the longest cross-sea bridge of Quy Nhon, and Phuong Mai Peninsula.

Day 10 – 15: Tuy Hoa – Nha Trang – Phan Rang – Phan Thiet – Vung Tau – Sai Gon

All of the above destinations are popular beach cities, so you can easily find accommodation, and explore a beautiful spot in each one. Besides, it is strongly recommended to eat delectable local food.

Stopping at Vung Tau, you should not miss the chance to sea-bath at Front and Back Beaches, visit Lady Buddha Statue and White Palace.

In Phan Thiet, take a visit to famous attractions such as Duc Thanh school, Van Thuy Tu Temple, Bai Rang beach, Lagi Town… Furthermore, while being in Nha Trang, come to Dam Market, Museum of Oceanography, Bao Dai Villa. In Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen province), you should pop by Thap Nhan (Cham brick Tower), Phu Yen War Memorial, Chop Chai Mountain.

Traveling to Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan province), do not miss exploring Cham cultural beauty through famous sights such as Poklong Garai Tower, Bau Truc Pottery Village, My Nghiep brocade weaving village, Ba Moi garden, and Vinh Hy Bay.

The distance between either Vung Tau and Phan Tiet or Phan Thiet and Nha Trang has a panoramic view of the white sanded, crystal clear oceans.

Hope this Vietnam 15 days journey would be valuable to you. Have a good trip and let us know in case you need any support for your coming trip to Vietnam!

Do you want to explore natural wonders that boast magnificent beauty and contain traces of the Earth’s developmental history? These three global geoparks recognized by UNESCO are your answer.

Impressive natural beauty as they are, these landmarks also attract visitors with unique traditional cultural identities of the local community and diverse local specialties.

1. Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark (Ha Giang)

On October 3rd, 2010, Dong Van Karst Plateau became the first global geopark in Vietnam and the second one in Southeast Asia. It was re-recognized by UNESCO in 2019 as a member of the Global Geopark Network in the period 2015 – 2018 and 2019 – 2022.

Stretching across four districts (Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac), Dong Van Karst Plateau geopark is the must-visit destination in Ha Giang. Dating back to the Cambrian period, this geopark has gone through 7 different geological periods with traces left in paleontological, stratigraphy, geomorphology, karst, caves, etc.

While traveling there, you will have a chance to immerse yourself in the daily routine of ethnic minorities surrounded by the scenic beauty of nature. Here, the community of 17 ethnic groups such as Mong, Dao, Tay, Lolo, Nung… in Dong Van mountainous area still retain their own unique traditional cultural values with many interesting customs for you to explore.

Last but not least, what you should not miss here is the Route of Happiness (Con Đường Hạnh Phúc) and Tu San Canyon. The Route of Happiness is the one that connects 4 states in Ha Giang, namely Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, and Meo Vac. Thanks to this Route, civilization has been brought to Ha Giang. 66 young people have sacrificed, but it was worth it. Standing from here, you can overlook Tu San Canyon from far away. This is the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia, with a cliff depth of more than 700 m rising up from the jade green Nho Que River.

Nho Que river, Ha Hang

Photo: Mai Phương, Cherry_kim93.

2. Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark (Cao Bang)

Interestingly, the global geopark Non Nuoc Cao Bang covers almost half of Cao Bang Province’s territory. This site was officially recognized by UNESCO as a global geopark in April 2018. UNESCO cited it as “single, unified geographical areas where sites and landscapes of international geological significance are managed with a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development.”

Here in this one-of-a-kind geopark, the wide range of fossils, marine sediments, volcanic rocks, minerals… as well as limestone landscapes are clear evidence of the Earth’s changes over the past hundreds of millions of years.

In addition, global geopark Non nuoc Cao Bang has a close connection with Vietnamese history and culture with above 215 relics along with many famous landmarks such as Ban Gioc, Pac Bo cave, Lenin stream, Thang Hen lake, Nguom Ngao cave, Phia Oac – Phia Den National Park… And do you know that Ban Gioc Waterfall is the largest one in Vietnam? So many awe-inspiring traces in one of the rarest site in Vietnam waiting for you to explore. For this matter of fact, it would be a pity if this site is not on your travel list.

Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark, Ban Gioc Waterfall and Lenin stream

Photo: Dashleyworldtour, Linhchimm.

3. Dak Nong

Dak Nong geopark was established in 2015. It has 65 geological and geomorphologic heritage sites, including a system of nearly 50 caves with a total length of more than 10,000 m, waterfalls, and craters. On July 7th 2020, Dak Nong Geopark was recognized as a global geopark by the Program Committee and International Relations of the UNESCO Executive Board at the lodge in Paris.

The park area has a tropical forest ecosystem, storing typical values of biodiversity, many unique geological and natural features, and relics of prehistoric people.

Visitors are attracted to come there for some of Dak Nong’s sightseeing manors and unique scenic beauty. For example Ta Nung National Park, Lieng Nung waterfall, Dray Sap waterfall, Trinh Nu (Virgin) waterfall, Gia Long waterfall, and Yok Don National Park.

Fact: Do you know that the landscapes of Ta Dung lake in the Dak Nong geopark are compared as “Ha Long Bay on the plateau.”?

Dak Nong geopark, Ta Dung lake and Gia Long waterfall

Photo: Minhthuxinhdep, Nguyenxuanhai212.

Photo: Minhthuxinhdep, Nguyenxuanhai212.

Source: https://zingnews.vn/3-cong-vien-dia-chat-toan-cau-o-viet-nam-post1164208.html

Hello, first-time travellers to Phu Quoc! Are you looking for a place to stay during your vacation and do not know what to choose? Before we give you the ultimate tips, let’s take a look at this amazing islands

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam


Claimed as “The Pearl Island of Asia”, Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, 45 km to the West of Ha Tien, and 15km south of the coast of Cambodia, this island is a part of Kien Giang Province .Also the international airport is set here which makes transportation much easier. Otherwise, if you want to get a new experience, you can take a boat trip to Phu Quoc.

  • Highlights: The North of Phu Quoc is famous for verdant mountains and the variety of wild species while the South boasts pristine beaches and local villages with pepper plantations and fish sauce factories.
  • Visa requirements: And do you know this interesting fact: Visa entry to Phu Quoc is not required for those who stay in Phu Quoc fewer than 30 days.

The accommodation choices there are also plentiful, ranging from inexpensive bungalows for families to luxurious 5* resorts. The list below compiled the most ubiquitous beaches, the advantages and disadvantages of every area to help you decide where to stay on Phu Quoc Island.

Should I book a hotel room in Duong Dong?

As the main town of Phu Quoc, Duong Dong is where you can find plenty of hotels, local and international restaurants, bars, banks, pharmacies, and travel agencies.

Besides, if you want to mingle with locals, buy some fresh products, and sample inexpensive local delicacies, Duong Dong Market is the must-visit spot.

Who is it for:
– Travelers who love crowded places filled with activities
– Foodies.
– Travelers who want to experience the local lifestyle.
– Those who are looking for nightlife bustlings.

– Hotels and restaurants cater to different budget levels.
– Near the Phu Quoc International Phu Quoc Airport.
– A lot of sightseeings.
– Valuable stuff and food at Duong Dong Market.

– Traffic might be a problem.
– Beach area is not the cleanest on Phu Quoc Island.

Should I stay in a hotel at Ong Lang Beach?

Situated about a 20 minutes ride from Duong Dong, Ong Lang Beach is surrounded by mountain chains with palms, oaks, banyans. Here is an idyllic place for those who prefer tranquility. This place is a combination of luxurious and mid-range resorts with private beach sites.

Besides sunbathing on the white, soft sand, you can take part in kayaking, snorkeling, diving, and trekking to the nearest offshore islets. The nightlife there is limited to hotel-owned bars and lounges, you go to the local restaurants and food stalls nearby the beach.

Who is it for:
– Travelers who want to enjoy a quiet vacation.
– Prosperous travelers.

– A lot of beach activities.
– Clean and well-maintained beach area.
– Restaurants cater to different budget levels.

– Limited night activities.
– Lack of sightseeing.

Should I book a room at Bai Dai?

Bai Dai is the most popular beach on Phu Quoc Island, owning 20km of coastline with white shimmering sand and crystal clear water. Thanks to its west coast location, you can chill at famous beachfront resorts, restaurants, cafes, and bars to enjoy the most breathtaking sunset in Vietnam. Moreover, there is a small tip for you: although Bai Dai can be easily explored on foot, renting a bike would make your trip to traditional fishing villages and pearl farms ideal.

Who is it for:
– Travelers who love crowded places
– Those who are looking for a busy nightlife.
– Food lovers.

– Resorts, restaurants, and cafes cater to different budget levels.
– The best sunset view on Phu Quoc Island.
– Beach area is the ideal place for beach and water activities.

– Might be crowded with tourists.
– Life in the local community is not as diverse as in other regions.

Phu Quoc’s weather changes year-round, so it is wise to check the forecast and plan accordingly. It rains mostly from July to September while commonly sunny from November to March. At this point, you can enjoy warm weather thanks to the tropical climate.

An ideal spot for outdoor activities, Phu Quoc Islands charms travellers by its unique mountains and wildlife in the northern part and pristine beaches at the southern end. During the dry season, the humidity level there is low, and the average temperature is 27.5 ° C. What perfect weather for traveling! If you do not mind the crowd, you can plan your visit on festival days, weekends and in the summer. For a fan of private moments, then please come visit Phu Quoc in the winter and spring.

When you should come to Phu Quoc

Dry season, from November to March, is the best time to visit Phu Quoc Island. Phu Quoc in this season has such a pleasant ambience with temperatures from 25 °C to 28 °C. It is the best time for you to sunbathe, snorkel and swim at Bai Dai or Ong Lang Beach, especially beaches located on the West of this island. For those who love to go picnicking, jungle trekking, camping, as well as bird watching, a visit to Phu Quoc National Park and Suoi Tranh waterfall are worthy.

The rainy season on Phu Quoc Island

The rainy season there starts from July to September, especially common in the late afternoon. The island’s average monthly rainfall ranges from 190mm to 361mm. Therefore, you should not use the motorbike or bicycle since the roads there can get very slippery at this time of the year.

There are lots of things to do on the island during the monsoon season, such as visiting the local markets, fishing villages, Cao Dai and Buddhist pagodas, pearl farms, and pepper plantations. Moreover, families can enjoy a wonderful day with their children at Vinpearl Land Amusement Park.

Ninh Binh has always been on your list but you do not know the best time to visit it? Then you came to the right place!

Known as a land of temples and spirit, it is only 100km from Hanoi and has become a famous destination in Vietnam thanks to its beautiful scenery and historical value. If you are wondering what time of year is the best time to travel to Ninh Binh, this article is for you.

What is the weather like in Ninh Binh?

Overall, the weather of Ninh Binh is humid subtropical and fluctuates from season to season. This wonderful land has four seasons, and each has its own beauty. Therefore, the best time to visit this place depends on the weather and the scenery you want to see here.

This place has such a picturesque landscape that you can admire at any time of the year and still enjoy your trip. However, the best months for a trip to Ninh Binh are from the end of May to the beginning of July, the harvest season in summer, or from September to October, which is also the time when locals harvest rice.

The best time to visit Ninh Binh

Coming to Ninh Binh in May and July, you would admire Ninh Binh in all its glory since the rice fields here would turn into the gorgeous golden color as well as lotuses in Tam Coc – Bich Dong would bloom with its pleasant scent all over the field.

May – July is not only the best time for lotus lovers but also a great time for cave and mountain addicts. From September to October, the weather is nice and cool; therefore, you can get rid of bad weather that you may experience if in other months, such as heat and humidity, as well as potential rainfall and storms.

The 2nd best time to come to Ninh Binh

Your second option is February and March, the time right after the Lunar New Year. Therefore, you can enjoy the solemn atmosphere at the temples. During this time, thousands of people from all over the country will flood to Bai Dinh pagoda to pray for a lucky, happy, and prosperous new year for their families.

Besides, an important event called Hoa Lu ancient capital traditional festival is held on March 6th, 7th, and 8th every year. This festival is to commemorate the noble heroes who built the Hoa Lu Kingdom and Dai Co Viet State.

From November to April, the weather turns to the dry and cold season. Since August has heavy rainfalls, traveling may be quite risky and uncomfortable. So keep an eye on the weather forecast if you plan to visit Ninh Binh in these months. However, despite those inconveniences, you may have benefits in terms of airfare and accommodation costs. On top of that, Ninh Binh would be uncrowded, which means you can freely visit as many places of interest as you want without a jam.

What to see

Hoa Lu – Tam Coc

Tam Coc, Ninh Binh

Tam Coc, Ninh Binh (Photo: Vnexpress)

The first capital of Vietnam, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital is located in Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh. Here 1000 years ago, Dinh Tien Hoang King gathered all the talents for building the country. It was not until 1010 did  King Ly move the capital to Thang Long Citadel, but Hoa Lu is still considered a historical relic of Vietnam.

Visiting Hoa Lu, you will admire the sophisticated architecture and skillful carvings that have been existing for thousands of years. Also, you will learn about the history of Vietnam through stories and traces. Tam Coc has three beautiful caves formed by the Ngo Dong River, which flows through Bich Dong, a beautiful jade cave. You can take a boat to Tam Coc to see the lotus fields and rice fields.

Mua Cave

Mua Cave, Ninh Binh

Mua Cave, Ninh Binh (Photo: Vnexpress)

To admire the beauty of Mua Cave, you need to climb 486 stone steps zigzagged to the top of the mountain. From there, you would be stunned by a panoramic view of Tam Coc with the charming green or yellow paddy fields. It is also known as the “Great Wall of Vietnam” because it offers breathtaking views of the landscape, including mountain peaks, rice fields, and mountain tops.

Trang An – Bai Dinh

Trang An, Ninh Binh

Trang An, Ninh Binh

Trang An eco-tourism complex is recognized by UNESCO as a world natural and cultural heritage. Trang An attracts visitors with the majestic mountains combined with forests, streams, and rivers in a harmonious beauty. Besides, this place also has the sacred land – Bai Dinh pagoda with splendid architecture showing the spirituality of the residents here, which is an absolute paradise for travelers.

Your trip would be incomplete if you visit Hanoi without going to Ninh Binh. It doesn’t have to be a long trip, but you will have wonderful memories that will last forever. Let’s go discover Ninh Binh with Eviva!

Yoga has long become the No.1 priority of all “health tips” to promote health, bring peace of mind, balance, preserve the beauty of our youth and longevity. Yoga is suitable for all ages, genders, all conditions, health conditions and meets all the physical needs as well as long-term health benefits. Please check top 7 Yoga centers in Da Nang bellow:

1. California Fitness & Yoga Da Nang

California Fitness & Yoga Centers is known as the most famous gym and yoga system chain in Vietnam. Therefore, California Fitness & Yoga in Da Nang is a familiar destination for many people who love this sport in the beautiful city. The gym is designed with great sophistication and the highest quality of service in the heart of Da Nang. In addition to a spacious and airy workout space, experience the 5-star service of practicing yoga with workout tools, saunas and other international-standard California Fitness & Yoga Center equipment and machines owning a team of highly qualified coaches, dedicated guides to help customers achieve efficiency quickly.

After hours of practice, you can relax in the sauna and steam bath with stylish design, equipment imported from Sweden. The 45-bathroom system will also help you dispel fatigue after workouts.

California Fitness & Yoga Da Nang

  • Address: City Post Office Building, tang 2, 271 Nguyen Van Linh, Thanh Khe District

2. Yoga LeVas

Yoga LeVas is one of the prestigious yoga learning places in Da Nang that many people choose to study. The gym has a team of professional trainers, highly qualified, trained to international standards, ensuring quality and effective lessons for students. Besides, the enthusiasm, dedication in each lesson and sharing, imparting useful knowledge about daily nutrition so that it combines exercise and a reasonable diet to achieve optimal results. Therefore, LeVas Yoga is trusted and improved by the students. With the motto towards the health and beauty of everyone, Yoga LeVas Club always wishes to best meet the needs of lifting, physical height, improving the increasing appearance of a large number of people.


  • Facility 1: K04/15 Ong ich Khiem, Hai Chau distric, Da Nang city
  • Facility 2 : 4 Phu Thanh 3, Lien Chieu, Da Nang city

3. Kim Dung Yoga Club

Kim Dung Yoga Club is also one of the worthy choices. Currently the club owns a 4-room gym system with modern facilities, full machines and spacious and airy space. Moreover, a team of professional, dedicated coaches, including Indian coaches, have brought the best quality and effective training methods for students. If you just want to practice Yoga in your free time, do not need too professional or experience luxurious services, Yoga Kim Dung is an ideal destination.

Kim Dung Yoga Club


  • Facility 1: 478A9 Dien Bien Phu, Coopmart supermarket, Thanh Khe district, Da Nang city
  • Facility 2: 260/22 Hai Phong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
  • Facility 3: 64 Dong Da, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
  • Facility 4: 2 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Lao Cultural House, Cam Le District, Da Nang City

4. Yoga HKLife

Located right near the city center, Yoga HKLife is a good place to learn yoga in Da Nang. Possessing professional PTs, HKLife yoga attracts a variety of students such as students, housewives, office workers, etc. Especially, this is a quality yoga center suitable for beginners in Danang. With flexible study time and professional space, students will be living with yoga when coming to HKLife. The center regularly enrolls classes with many different incentive packages, you can join at any time.

Yoga HKLife

  • Address: Tang 3, 229 Huynh Tan Phat, Hoa Cuong Nam, Hai Chau, Da Nang

5. Fitness và Yoga Funny Center

If you are hesitant to find yourself a quality address to study Yoga in Da Nang, Fitness and Yoga Funny is also a not bad suggestion. Open space, YOGA gym, especially the Indian teachers directly instructed very thoughtfully. Fitness and Yoga Funny is not only an ideal destination for those who love yoga, but this is also the place for you to relax, take care of the perfect beauty. Yoga classes at Fitness and Yoga Funny Center are suitable for all ages as well as the fitness status of the practitioner. In particular, the center has a hot bath, sauna (wet – dry) to serve for free unlimited unlimited for customers in need.

Fitness và Yoga Funny Center

  • Address: 43 Đo Quang, Thanh Khe district, Da Nang city

6. Aro Yoga Center

Aro Yoga is also one of the names worth mentioning in the list of leading yoga practice centers in Da Nang that you can choose. Coming to Aro yoga, you will be guided by a team of Indian coaches with very high professional qualifications and scientific, effective training methods. Leading in this team is Mr. Master Avi – who has many years of experience in teaching Yoga, has won many awards in international yoga competitions in India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Italy, … Besides, the gym system at Aro Yoga center is designed quite spacious, airy and scientific to best suit yoga training programs and methods. Moreover, Aro Yoga is open continuously from 6 am to 9 pm on every weekday with more than 300 classes per month, this will help you proactively arrange the time so that you can best study here.

Aro Yoga Center


  • Facility 1: 54 Tran Cao Van, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City
  • Facility 2: 258 Han Thuyen, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City

7. Yoga Suc Song Moi club

And finally, Vitality Yoga is a professional yoga model in Da Nang which is highly appreciated. With a friendly and cozy gym space with a team of enthusiastic and experienced guides, Vitality Yoga has become a trusted address for Yoga lovers as well as those who are interested in improving physical and mental health and desire to lead a positive lifestyle.

The club regularly opens Yoga classes for beginners, Basic Yoga, Advanced, Therapeutic Yoga suitable for all subjects. In addition, Yoga exercises that are especially suitable for office workers will help increase work efficiency, reduce stress, prevent and treat office diseases.

Yoga Suc Song Moi club


  • CS1: 07 – 09 Tran Quoc Toan, Hai Chau District
  • CS2: 61 Tiểu La, Hải Châu district
  • CS3: Paracel Sports Complex, 06 Dang Thuy Tram, Hai Chau District


When starting with any exercise, there are always small notes but bring great effect. Yoga is a discipline that requires great meticulousness and great perseverance. Here are 7 important notes that are very useful for new Yoga practitioners. Let’s take a look with me !

★ Choose the right type of yoga
Yoga is divided into many categories such as Hot Yoga, Yoga rope, Yoga ball, Yoga-Intriny with different purposes such as beauty, health, weight loss … So you need to determine what is the purpose of learning. Select the appropriate exercises, as well as carefully ask the teachers so that you can learn most effectively the exercises that you have chosen.

★ Should eat at least 1 hour before practice
Yoga is best practiced with an empty stomach. Yoga should not be done when the stomach is full of food, so it will be bad for the digestive system

★ Do not skip the warm up step
Before doing any exercise, you should warm up, as well as Yoga, warm your body with some basic warm-up movements before starting the training session. This is an important step to help minimize some injuries during exercise.

★ Concentrate
Focusing on breathing is the most important thing in Yoga. This helps you relax and reduce stress. As soon as you find yourself distracted, take a deep breath to focus again.

★ Stop for a bit if necessary
Listen to your body, if intense training makes you tired, take a break. Adjust your breathing while waiting for new poses

★ Be early before class
Should you come early to have time to prepare in advance and mentally comfortable, the efficiency of the work will be higher. Therefore, you should be at the gym before the class starts 10 minutes to relax and can receive the best lesson.

★ The small effort gathered will be a great success
Yoga requires effort and patience. At first there will be frustration but try each day little by little to achieve success.


Writer: Duong Thi Giang